GIVE IT YOUR BEST! USA Flag Art Print 18" x 24" Wall Poster


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What are the attributes of success?
I was inspired by the 1942 production war poster "Give It Your Best!" but my take includes the attributes or pillars of Success. What I say to myself and to others over time has a direct impact on how I am, how I think and what I do. By focusing today on these powerful words and their positive meanings, by being, thinking and doing, I cultivate those character traits into reality and create my destiny. Always affirm the positive, appreciate the process of creation and visualize the end results coming true.

The colors are bold and striking with a solid ink coverage reminiscent of silk- screen printing

Open Edition

Giclée printed on archival heavy paper with solid ink coverage

Included with print: Bookmark and Magnet

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ALAN CLAUDE | Graphic Artist