I AM Balance Art Print 18" x 24" Wall Poster


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What I say to myself and to others over time has a direct impact on how I am, how I think and what I do. By focusing today on these powerful words and their positive meanings, by being, thinking and doing, I cultivate those character traits into reality and create my destiny. I am affirming the positive, I am trusting and appreciating the process of creation, I am participating and visualizing the end result coming true. I forgive and release all judgement of myself and others, I let go... I trust and I smile. Now my focus is on being true, being aware of my thoughts and guide my thoughts in a beautiful way.

The colors are bold and striking with a solid ink coverage reminiscent of silk- screen printing

Limited to 500 prints (not numbered) by year of creation

Offset Lithograph printed on archival paper with UV fade-resistant inks

Included with Print: Certificate of Authenticity, Bookmark, Magnet, and an Affirmations Booklet

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Wounderful Experience

Was fourtunate to meet Alan in person and was introduced to his Art. He was a very humbling person with a great line art for sale. I’ve bought two pieces so far and couldn’t be happier.

ALAN CLAUDE | Graphic Artist