Sailing Ladies Delight Art Print 8" x 10" Travel Poster By Alan Claude- Maine


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Sailing Ladies Delight Art Print took place at Lake Cobbosseecontee, Maine

Sailing Ladies Delight Lighthouse celebrates boaters and lighthouse enthusiasts as two ladies enjoy a summer cocktail while sailing on Lake Cobbosseecontee. The glowing sunset shines upon the lighthouse and red sail while layers of trees gently fade into the cream colored sky.

The versatile 8" x 10" size looks sharp as an accent piece or in a grouping

The colors are bold and striking with a solid ink coverage reminiscent of silk- screen printing

Limited to 500 prints (not numbered) by year of creation

Printed on Archival Giclée paper

Certificate of Authenticity

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jim S.
Beautiful Picture

We have seen this picture on Maine Cabin Masters many times over the years, and wanted our own. Ours arrived from Alan wrapped securely and was as beautiful as seen on TV!!!!!! Now framed and hanging in our den, it is simply beautiful!!!! The poster is one of the best.................

Laura V.

Absolutely love my print! I wish I had ordered a larger size!!

George M.G.
sailing ladies print

This is a wonderful piece with great composition and use of color. I am truly uplifted by this image every time I view it. It is very gratifying to own a piece by an artist, such as Alan, who has such a profound sense of design. Alan's gallery in Gardiner is beautiful and well worth the visit.

Alison M.

I’ve been a fan of Alan Claude for many years but for some reason haven’t bought any of his artwork until now. While recently vacationing in Maine I saw him interviewed on a local TV show (207?) and decided now was the time to start buying his artwork. One of the first pieces I saw on his website was Sailing Ladies Delight and I was captivated by the stunning colors of the print: the red sail against the white lighthouse with the American flag flying above. But beyond the striking colors, the print resonated with me because the two ladies enjoying cocktails reminded me of good times spent with friends. Simply put, it made me smile. I’m not sure where I’m going to put the print in my house, but I know it will be someplace where I can see it often.

ALAN CLAUDE | Graphic Artist