Edward Hopper's Cape Cod Studio
June 29, 2017

Edward Hopper's Cape Cod Studio

Cape Cod is a beautiful place...must of been even more beautiful when Edward Hopper was around. I set off on my Cape Cod journey in the hopes of being further inspired by seeing what Edward Hopper saw back in 1934 when the painter build his studio in Truro, Massachusetts. From Fisher Beach...(don't leave your car there -it's only for residents) I walked for 3/4 of a mile to view the studio. I did not have permission to visit the studio but I did try to get a little closer through a steep pathway and staircase when nearby contractor's abruptly screamed out, in a nice way, "Scram Mistah!". Disappointed that I could not see what Hopper saw back in the 1930's ...barren hillsides and sand dunes...instead large mansion"cottages" some that even resembles battleships intrude on the landscape. Still, there is much beauty that remains in this place, like a long walk on the beach which goes on for several miles to Jeremy point. 

Cape Cod on Google Maps

One very talented painter that has been at Hopper's studio for 16 residencies is Philip Koch - No Fair! I really wonder what it would be like to stay at Hopper studio... to sit out on the deck with a cup of coffee and paint. (Ok, that is on my bucket list)

Phillip Koch Portfolio

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Earlier in the day, my local friend Tom and I were in Wellfleet on the other side of the cape - beachcomber beach ..but the legendary restaurant was not open yet. With coffee in hand and a camera in the other, as an occasional seal popped its head out of the ocean, we walked on the beach and unlike Henry David Thoreau who found a gold coin while contemplating life ... I found a rusty old dime.


Remember if you need a great Cape Cod Map...consider the one I made. I even included the great bike trails.