The Dream Studio is Finally Complete
December 18, 2021

The Dream Studio is Finally Complete

It has been over two years since Graphic Alan first visited the abandoned buildings on Water Street, in Gardiner, Maine. Now, after pouring countless hours of hard work and dedication into this renovation, he finally opens the door to the public.

"It looks great." Says Alan, smiling up at his newly displayed sign. The final step in a long journey to create his dream studio. 

"When we first came in here it was cold, it was dark, no running water, no heat, no electricity, no plumbing, nothing. It was empty, it was just a shell."

Alan and his wife Erin purchased the 165 and 161 Water Street in 2019, and have been renovating it with the help of friends, family and contractors they hired to bring life back into these buildings. 

Typically Claude spends large parts of summer and fall at different art shows and craft fairs around New England, such as the Big E and Camden Windjammer Festival. Since many of these events were cancelled, it allowed Alan to be hard at work building his gallery.

"While I did miss the shows and events, it allowed me to pour so much time into getting this done" said Alan.

Alan made several videos chronicling large parts of the renovation project, which can be viewed here.