Local artist opens new gallery in Gardiner - Story by WGME
December 18, 2021

Local artist opens new gallery in Gardiner - Story by WGME

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Despite the challenges created by the pandemic, one local artist is moving ahead with opening a new gallery.

And the business is good.

Alan Claude opened a new gallery located on Water Street in Gardiner. Claude said 2020 has been hard due to the cancellation of many festivals and fairs, which typically helps artists sell their work.

Claude's gallery has been open for two weeks and so far he's pleasantly surprised by the response.

"There hasn't been many people but the people who do come have bought a substantial amount of things so it's worth it," Claude said. "I've had people come from New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, people closing their camps coming down to visit. it's been great I've been very happy with it."

Claude's gallery is part of a new movement in Gardiner, to develop an arts district in the area known as Dingley Block.

Claude said one of the most popular items at the gallery is the 2021 Calendar. He said people are ready to move on from 2020.