Camp Sunshine Auction is on October 5 to 12th
October 06, 2020

Camp Sunshine Auction is on October 5 to 12th

Recently, Micheal from Camp Sunshine visited our new studio to pick a few art pieces being donated to The Camp Sunshine Auction.

What is Camp Sunshine?

Founded in 1984, Camp Sunshine's goal is to provide a peaceful camp retreat to children with terminal illnesses and their entire families. The camp has kids participating in various activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, kayaking, mini golf, archery, or snowshoeing and ice-skating depending on the season. 

"Its about being a kid," Micheal tells us, "When you're diagnosed with a life threatening illness, that kinda ceases. So to be able to offer the entire family a place where they can be a family, and be a kid. Thats our goal."

This year, unfortunately, Camp Sunshine had to shut their doors to the over 700 families they service, who have no doubt felt the effects of the ongoing pandemic worse than most. 

Camp Sunshine continues to offer online activities for the children that include arts and crafts, interactive games, writing prompts, and time with their volunteers who continue to do amazing work supporting the kids. 

Camp Sunshine Auction

Every year Camp Sunshine is fueled by charitable donations that allow them to run their facilities free of charge for the families. On Indigenous peoples day/Columbus Day (Oct 12th) the staff holds an auction to raise money for the camp.

"On a good year we'll pull around $100,000", Micheal told us. 

This year, the staff decided to hold the auction online to keep everyone safe. The camp hopes to raise $25,000 over the course of the auction, which takes place from the 5th to the 12th of October. 

The auction is made up of various goods from the surrounding communities, including go carts, family vacations, tablets, handmade goods, and more.

Alan Claude donated signed Maine art poster calendars, signed art prints, and one Framed 18" x 24" "Go Jump In A Lake". 

"This print right here, is just a good example of joy, of just being a kid." said Alan. 

The auction runs until October 12th, 12 pm EST. Please visit to learn more.